This week's post is a simple one. I'm sharing a playlist I made called "summer dusk."

My favorite time of day for most of the year is dusk. That time when the sun is no longer visible, but it's not quite gone. It feels cozy and peaceful and soft. In the summer, dusk is the ideal time to be outside. It's warm and cool at the same time, it feels relaxed and easy. Things seem possible but not urgent. I love driving at this time. The windows are down and the breeze is blowing in through the driver's window and out the passenger's. Traffic lights are glowing and there isn't too much noise. I'm not one to sit in silence very often. Whether not I'm around people, I typically have music playing (this might be connected to my desire to have my life scored like a film). So this playlist is for driving at dusk in summer. Roll your windows down, put this on, and drive aimlessly 'til the sun goes down, then drive a little more.