Immutable Forces is about stories. It’s about providing a platform for women to share their stories, to tell the world about the ways they are silenced. It’s about sharing those stories with people who may not have realized they have been silenced, or are struggling to find their voice, in the hope that hearing these stories will help them find it and learn how to use it. Alongside these stories are words by other women - essays, poetry, advice. They are representations of the desire and strength to speak up even when it's difficult. This newspaper is about showing the world what is happening right in front of them and the consequences of it in the hope that they will be more aware of the silencing that occurs in their homes, workplaces, and streets to their families, friends, and loved ones. And not only be made aware, but inspired to take action to raise their own voices for good, help others find and raise their voices, and work towards a more equal and accepting world.



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