826 National is an organization started by Dave Eggers in 2002. It consists of 7 chapters across the country which provide creative tutoring for writing to kids in school. Each location is fronted by a themed, fantastical store which sells merchandise and supplies that communicate the theme of that location, with a tutoring studio in the back. For this project, I was assigned an American city at random and challenged to invent my own 826 store. I ended up with Green Bay, Wisconsin. Land of football and cheese! I began with thorough research about the 826 organization and Green Bay. This was followed by moodboards, sketching, and more sketching before going digital. Final execution took the form of stationary, physical storefront, and a variety of products. 


The concept behind my store came from my exploration of “cheese clichés.” Green Bay discovered that the moon is made of cheese and formed the GBSCC; the Green Bay Space Cheese Coalition. 


The products available include various flavors of astro-milk (produced by space cows) like tomato soup and grilled cheese, blueberry waffles, and four cheese moon-mac. Try out special space seeds that allow the planter to grow their own galactic hens, pet martians, solar systems, or celesti-corn. There are various moon cheeses like Parmarsan, Mooda, and Moonzerella. And special test tube mixtures of EZ Breathe and Astro-Grow, each with special properties that give the user a leg up on the moon. And finally, for when you need to fix your spaceship there are Astronuts (& Bolts). 


Take ComfortExperience Design

Immutable ForcesPublication Design

BurrowType Design

826 Green BayBrand Identity

9/11 Commission ReportPublication Design

I Read Where I AmPublication Design